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he will never understand - ~*~CaItLIn's JoUrNaL~*~

Nov. 15th, 2006

12:27 am - he will never understand

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so as some of you may or may not know over the summer i dated a guy named derek...and we were just dateing so not bf and gf although we were not seeing ne one else....we were still just dateing...i came to school and i was sad but we still talked at least once a day for not more....although usually a lot more....then all of a sudden it kinda just stopped....and i really have no idea why.....and i'm like ok whatever.....and i called him and asked him why we stoped talking and he said i didnt know we werent talking...and i was like ummmmmmmm ok......even though he had told one of our mutal friends that we were not talking ne more....but whatever....and so i kinda just stopped thinking about him and all that.....although now.....i dont know why but i cant stop thinking about him....and  i saw him a few weeks ago and things were so weird he said hi and kept walking....i was like HELLO we talked and hung out everyday over the summer for almost 3 months then u just stop talking to me!? whats is up with that? so i do have this paper to write about soccer and as many of you know i'm NOT into sports at all....and so i did not choose soccer we pulled it out of a box....so i called derek a while ago and he helped me...but this is a semester long project and i called him this past weekend on a question and he didnt call me back....and then i have to interview both a guy and a girl who had played soccer so i wrote a message and well see if he actully writes me back....why cant i just get him out of my head....i think its because things ended so fast....wtih no real reason....and you know i would love to be his friend if i got to talk to him...but honestly i think he wants to forget me all together....although i feel like when i see him and he is drunk things will change....and thats just shitty....its not fair.....i just dont know what to do.....

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